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Knee Evaluation

Knee Evaluation And Treatment With Hip & Knee Orthopaedics

Knee evaluation is mandatory if you are suffering from instability or pain in the knee. Seek immediate consultation with Hip & Knee orthopaedics and get your detailed diagnosis, X-ray, and complete consultation in a single visit.

Knee Evaluation - Treatment for Knee Fractures in Singapore
Experiencing Pain in Your Knee?

When Should I Seek Treatment for My Knee Pain?

Persistent Pain and Swelling

Locked Knee

Knee instability

Difficulty weight bearing/limping

Knee Symptoms and Evaluation

Problems of the knee often manifest in one of several ways:

  1. Pain over the front of knee when climbing up and down stairs.
  2. Pain over the back of the knee when making a full bend of the knee.
  3. Recurrent swelling of knee, especially after activity.
  4. Feeling that the knee is unstable or weak.
  5. Feeling that something is catching in the knee.
  6. Cracking sounds in the knee.
Related Information

A detailed history-taking and clinical examination can help to localise the pathology that leads to the
knee symptoms.

Pain can arise from the following anatomical regions:

  1. Tendons – most commonly over the patella tendon, also known as patella tendinopathy. These are usually due to overuse injuries, and can be treated with rest, physiotherapy and PRP injections.
  2. Meniscus - there are two meniscii in each knee and they act as shock absorbers. Twisting injuries can results in tears in the meniscus and unstable or large tears should be repaired to prevent further injuries to the underlying cartilage.
  3. Cartilage - this is a layer of smooth solid coating in the knee joint. This can arise from traumatic sports injuries or from age-related changes, though more commonly seen in the latter. Having a meniscus or ligament tear can predispose to accelerated cartilage wear with continual physical activity. Advanced cartilage wear leads to osteoarthritis
  4. Synovitis – this means that there is inflammation over the inner coating of the joint that produces synovial fluid or joint fluid. Synovitis can arise from gout, infection or inflammatory arthropathies such as rheumatoid arthritis.

After taking a detailed history and clinical examination, imaging in the form Xrays or MRIs may be required to add critical information in the analysis of your clinical problems.

Once evaluation is completed, we will advise you on further treatment. Treatment options can range from oral anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants, to recommendations for physiotherapy for appropriate knee stretches and strengthening exercises, to injections, keyhole knee arthroscopic surgery, partial joint replacements to muscle-sparing total joint replacement surgery.

At Hip & Knee Orthopaedics, we recommend treatment options based on your disease condition and your clinical profile, and we believe in doing so, we can achieve clinical success and patient satisfaction. Both our doctors are double-fellowship trained, with extensive experience in managing complex hip and knee problems, thus are well-positioned to evaluate and manage your knee pain.

Screening for New Patients

We have assembled some packages to help our new patients.

Single Knee


Evaluation of Knee Pain with X-ray

Includes the following done on the same day:
X-ray single knee – weightbearing AP, lateral, skyline view; and
Review in clinic after X-ray
(Exclusive of GST)
Both Knees


Evaluation of Knee Pain with X-ray

Includes the following done on the same day:
Xray both knee – weightbearing AP, lateral, skyline view; and
Review in clinic after X-ray
(Exclusive of GST)

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Personalised Care

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Dr Adrian Lau

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Adrian Lau is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon trained in primary and complex hip and knee arthroplasty.

Dr Tan Sok Chuen

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Tan is an orthopaedic doctor with subspecialty training in hip and knee surgery – making her the first female hip and knee replacement surgeon in Singapore.

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