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Our doctors have been featured in the media. Read below to find out more.

Knee pain: When is it a meniscus tear and how to treat it

– Dr Tan and Dr Lau stress the importance of early intervention in treating meniscus injuries.

Desiring My Own Medical Practice

– Dr Lau shared about his journey in starting his own medical practice.

Tatlerasia Feature

– Dr Tan shares her journey of becoming the first female hip & knee orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore.

Pin Prestige Article

好玩但不是游戏 Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Tan Sok Chuen

What are the Common Causes of Hip Pain?

What are the Common Causes of Hip Pain?

Dr Lau talks about the common causes of hip pain.

What are the Common Causes of Knee Pain?

Dr Tan talks about the common causes of knee pain

96.3好FM - 健康娜件事


Glenn van Zutphen Saturday Mornings Show

The benefits and the need for more female orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore.

Expat Living Article

4 myths that may be keeping you from an active lifestyle.

The Vent Machine Feature

This female surgeon proves that you don’t have to be “one of the guys” to make it in the medical industry.

The Singapore's Women Weekly Feature

This Doctor Is The Only Female Hip And Knee Surgeon In Singapore.

SMA Article

The Lives of Female Physicians

Health Plus Article

The Truth Behind 5 Osteoarthritis Myths.

best in singapore knee replacement surgery

Best in Singapore

Our 10 Favourite Clinics for Knee Replacement Surgery in Singapore

Paddington Fitness Summit Talk

Dr Lau gave a talk on osteoarthritis of the knee.

Paddington Fitness Summit Talk

Dr Tan gave a talk on what one needs to know about meniscus and cartilage injuries.