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ACL Tear and Reconstruction

ACL Tear and Reconstruction With Expert Surgeons

Our Double Fellowship Trained surgeons help you best with ACL Tear and Reconstruction at no surprise cost. Get the best treatment and recover within three weeks.
We provide a detailed diagnosis and Patient-Focused Care.

What is ACL Reconstruction?
Experiencing Pain in Your Knee?

Symptoms of ACL Tear

One might have sustained an ACL tear or rupture during a sport activity where there is a sudden awkward twisting injury to the knee. This may occur during a sudden change in direction and foot slipped or got caught, or another player might have collided with the patient resulting in the injury.

You might have heard or felt a pop sound in the affected knee, followed by swelling and difficulty walking.

The swelling in the knee usually will be quite severe, and takes more than a week to subside.

One would subsequently feel that the affected knee is more unstable or “weak” compared to the other leg.

Related Information

Yes, most of the patients are able to achieve full recovery and return to sports.

Preop physiotherapy is recommended to achieve some muscle memory in the relevant exercises and maintain knee mobility as these will facilitate post-op rehabilitation. You will be required to fast for six hours prior to the timing of surgery, and avoid applying plasters, topical medications, kinesiotape or knee guards over the knee in case you develop skin allergies to these materials.

You will be given general anaesthesia, and once this has taken effect, the surgeon will make 2 small incisions over the front of the knee to do an arthroscopic examination of the knee and to remove the damaged ligament. A tendon, known as a graft, is either harvested from another region of the same knee, or is taken from a donor (also known as an allograft), and this will be used to replace the torn ACL ligament. The graft is then secured to the femur bone and tibia bone with titanium buttons and bioabsorbable screws. These implants are MRI compatible and you will still be able to take MRIs after the surgery.

At the end of the surgery, local anaesthesia will be infiltrated around the wounds or a nerve block might be given near the knee to optimise postop pain control. Waterproof dressings will be applied over the wounds. A shower cover would be also provided so that you can shower with no fear of getting the dressings wet or causing them to fall off. A rigid knee brace and crutches will be provided before discharge.

After the surgery, you will be asked to come back to clinic to have your dressings changed every few weeks or a week, till dressings are allowed to come off at two weeks post-surgery. Twice weekly physiotherapy is recommended for a start and this will help reactivate the muscles and reduce the swelling.

With physiotherapy and rehabilitation, most of the patients can return to competitive sports in 1-2 years on average after an ACL surgery.

At 4-6 months postop, the sense of balance and control of the knee should be sufficient for the patient to start some light jogging. With a tight postop physiotherapy regime, competitive play might be possible at 9 months postop.

Office-based work can be resumed once the dressings come off at 2 weeks.

Screening for New Patients

We have assembled some packages to help our new patients.

Single Knee


Evaluation of Knee Pain with X-ray

Includes the following done on the same day:
X-ray single knee – weightbearing AP, lateral, skyline view; and
Review in clinic after X-ray
(Exclusive of GST)

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Dr Adrian Lau

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Adrian Lau is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon trained in primary and complex hip and knee arthroplasty.

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Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Tan is an orthopaedic doctor with subspecialty training in hip and knee surgery – making her the first female hip and knee replacement surgeon in Singapore.

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