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We are Medisave-accredited

Insurance / Medisave

Hip Knee Orthopaedics is Medisave Accredited and works with Insurance to facilitate and improve claims process and experience.


Our clinic is Medisave-accredited. Patients who undergo minor procedures such as nail avulsions, toilet and suture can claim part of the treatment fees from Medisave, subject to limits.

Integrated Shield Plans

Our clinic accepts all Medisave-Approved Integrated Shield Plans (MediShield), and the following Private Medical Insurance:

  • Singlife Shield
  • NTUC Income Shield
  • HSBC Life Shield
  • Prudential (PruPanel Connect at Aptus, Novaptus, Novena Surgery Centre)
  • Great Eastern (DA Adept Health Connect)

Corporate Insurance

Our clinic also works with the following corporate insurance providers.
  • IXchange :–
    • Parkway Shenton AIA
    • Cigna International
    • Parkway
    • Parkway Shenton OCBC
    • Tokio Marine
    • Great Eastern Life
    • Allianz
  • Alliance Medinet :-
    • AIA (Integrated Healthcare Solutions)
    • HSBC Life
    • NTUC Income
    • Prudential
    • Tokio Marine
    • Great Eastern Life
    • Cigna Healthcare
    • Singlife
  • DA Adept :-
    • HSBC Life
    • NTUC CliniFlex
    • Great Eastern Life
    • NOW Health International
    • Allianz
    • Prudential
  • MHC Asia Group :-
    • AIA Clinic
    • Singlife PCP
    • Great Eastern
    • NTUC Income i-MediCare
  • Fullerton :-
    • Great Eastern
    • Fullerton Health
    • Fullerton Health Family Care
    • Prudential
    • AIA (Integrated Health Solutions)
    • AIA Premier International Plan
    • Aon Care
    • Aon Care Family Care
    • Aetna
    • Aetna International
  • IHP (Integrated Health Plans Pte Ltd) :-
    • IHP
    • Medihub Howden
    • April International
    • Great Eastern
    • AIA
    • Prudential
Corporate Cards

Insurance Card Check

You might wish to check if your insurance card is on the list of cards below.
If your insurance isn’t mentioned in the list and you do not see your insurance card below, we can still assist with your claims and liaise with your insurance company.

For patients with any of the insurance cards listed below, our clinic will be able to make a direct claim through the online portals.

iXchange – Parkway Shenton

Alliance Medinet

DA Adept