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We believe that all our patients deserve efficient care for their musculoskeletal conditions, so that they may get back their independence in mobility, quality of life and enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

That is why our mission is to provide Evidence-based, Value Driven Care personalised to every patient’s needs and goals.

Knee Conditions We Treat

✔ Knee Arthritis (due to wear & tear, ageing)

✔ Ligament Tears – ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL

✔ Knee Dislocations

✔ Sports Injuries – Meniscus & Cartilage Damage

✔ Fractures – Kneecap, Shin, Thigh

✔ Tendon Inflammation

Two Questions You Might Have

1. When should I see a doctor?

There are 2 categories of Knee Orthopaedic conditions: Acute and Chronic.

Acute Injuries…

Are those that happen suddenly or due to excessive force delivered to the knee. Such injuries can happen through a fall, sudden twist, carrying heavy objects or getting hit by an external force. It can also happen in the middle of your game, be it badminton, soccer, or basketball.

In most cases, you’ll immediately be in pain or need assistance moving around and will need to consult a Doctor for medical attention as soon as you can.

Chronic Injuries…

Are conditions that develop over time due to continuous strain or wear and tear, whether it’s due to the nature of your job, sporting activities or ageing. Acute injuries if not treated properly CAN also develop into chronic pain over time.

In chronic conditions, you’ll start feeling discomfort doing simple things like walking, sitting and running. If they are ignored, they may get worse and develop serious complications.

When to see a Doctor…

For most people, feeling a bit of pain in the knee can be addressed by the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate the leg).

However, if you continue to experience knee pain after 2 weeks, it is usually an indicator that there is an underlying condition and you should consult a doctor. In our clinic, we have 2 highly trained and experienced knee specialists in Singapore who will take the time to evaluate your injury, and discuss with you your treatment options.


2. Do I need surgery?

Surgery is an option but not the only one. Our doctors will carefully assess your condition and will prescribe treatment accordingly.

They may recommend non-surgical options like physical therapy, oral medications, having inflammatory injections, or making lifestyle changes.

In most cases, surgery is the last resort for conditions that are disabling and interfering with daily activities.

Some of our key procedures

Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

Knee replacement surgery

It is fairly common for patients to go through Knee Replacement:

It is typically performed when the knee joint is severely damaged either by degenerative conditions such as:

• Osteoarthritis,
• Inflammatory joint conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis,
• OR by severe injuries leading to Post-Traumatic Arthritis.

In TKR, the damaged knee joint is replaced with implants, restoring mobility to the knees, thereby improving function.

Read more about Total Knee Replacement here.

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee

Partial, as the name suggests, refers to the surgical procedure where only a portion of a damaged knee joint is replaced.

It is an alternative to Total Knee Replacement for patients whose disease is limited to just one area of the knee.

Partial Knee Replacement is usually recommended by your Doctor when only one area of the knee is affected and medications and physical therapy doesn’t seem to help very much.

It is a smaller procedure , associated with faster recovery, however it is not suitable for everyone. Discuss this with our Knee Specialists.

Read more about Partial Knee Replacement here.

Meniscus Repair

Meniscus Repair
Meniscus tear (cartilage between your thigh and shinbone) happens commonly with athletes, especially those who play football or basketball.

It can also happen from repeatedly squatting, jumping or carrying heavy objects.

Meniscus Repair is a less invasive procedure involving keyhole surgery performed under anesthesia.

In layman terms, the procedure may involve either:

• Stitching up the Meniscus
• OR remove the damaged part of the meniscus, so your knee can function normally.

Read more about Meniscus Repair here.

ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction
ACL Reconstruction is a surgical procedure that replaces the damaged ligament connecting your thighbone and shinbone.

It is done by replacing the ACL with tendons either harvested from another part of your knee or by a donor.

By doing this, it mimics the function of the ACL to support the structure and movement of the knee.

ACL tears happens similarly to Meniscus tears through repeated intense activities or twisting action.

ACL tears cannot heal on its own and should get treated.

Although some people may still resume activities with a partial tear, if left untreated can put a strain on the other structures of the knee like the Meniscus.

Read more about ACL Reconstruction here.

Our Doctors

Dr Tan Sok Chuen

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Tan Sok Chuen is an orthopaedic surgery specialist with subspecialty training in hip and knee surgery – making her the first female hip and knee replacement surgeon in Singapore. She has trained and educated junior doctors through various teaching programmes and courses. Dr Tan has also made many contributions to the scientific literature on hip and knee arthroplasty and her publications on trunnionosis in hip replacements are frequently quoted in indexed journals.

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Dr Adrian Lau

Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Adrian Lau is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon trained in primary and complex hip and knee arthroplasty. His clinical practice comprises mainly of total knee replacements, total hip replacements, complex hip and knee replacements, revision surgeries, prosthetic joint infections, and periprosthetic fractures. Dr Lau also plays an active role in the education and training of junior doctors and is a recipient of numerous awards, one of them being the Ministry of Health Training Award in 2014.

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Dr Tan Sok Chuen and Dr Adrian Lau

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