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Bone Wellness

Bone Wellness: Health & Longer Lifespan

Bone wellness is crucial for maintaining the health of the skeletal system. We offer you a complete Bone Health & Wellness Package including; Consultation, BMD test, Blood tests, ECG, and X-rays in a one-day Visit.

Get your tests done and take care of your bone's lifespan.

Bone Bone wellness - hip & knee orthopaedics Singapore
Understanding Bone Health

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is an age-related decrease in bone mass. The bone becomes more porous and brittle, thus is more prone to breakage ie fractures. Osteoporosis-type fractures are usually sustained with minimal force, and common areas involved include the hip joints, wrists and spine.

Osteoporosis, just like many chronic diseases such as hypertension, might not make one feel sick or have any symptoms. However, if left undetected and untreated, can predispose one to sustaining hip fractures after a light fall. This will require surgery and might affect mobility and walking independence.

When Should I Check My Bone Health or Screen for Osteporosis?

If you have any of these risk factors, you should do a bone health check and screen for osteoporosis.

  1. Previous fracture sustained with minimal trauma
  2. Post menopause, especially early menopause before age 45 years
  3. Family history of osteoporosis
  4. Low body weight, being underweight
  5. Sedentary lifestyle
  6. Advanced age beyond 65 years
  7. Heavy smoker, drinker
  8. On long term drugs eg steroids, thyroxine

Subtle symptoms of osteoporosis include loss of height and progressive bending of the back (or kyphosis). If you have any of these symptoms or risk factors, you should come forth for screening.

Related Information
We will take your history and physical check for risk factors, then you will need to do some blood tests such as calcium level and vitamin D level, and also do a bone mineral density test (also known as BMD). This is a non-invasive low radiation Xray that measures certain bone mass indices. This is the gold standard test to screen for osteoporosis.
Treatment includes exercise prescription, and medications that can range from calcium and vitamin D replacements, to oral bisphosphonates to injectable medications like denosumab.
Yes the treatment can be claimed under Medisave CDMP programme, up to a cap of $700 a year, with 15 percent co-payment.

Screening for New Patients

We have assembled some packages to help our new patients.

Bone Health and Wellness Package


Includes the following done on the same day:
Consultation – to assess risk factors, lifestyle habits, family history;
Physical assessment – musculoskeletal assessment and functional strength testing, focusing on risk of sarcopenia;
Bone mineral density test – to assess osteoporosis;
Blood tests – for general health testing, bone health;
ECG – basic screening for cardiac health, which is important for mobility as well; and
X-rays – of 1 affected joint
(Exclusive of GST)
Basic Bone Wellness Package


Includes the following done on the same day:
Bone Mineral Density Test; and
Blood tests (GFU, Serum Vit D, Adjusted Calcium, Serum Phosphate).
(Exclusive of GST)

Medisave & Integrated Shield Plans Approved

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Personalised Care

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Dr Adrian Lau is a specialist orthopaedic surgeon trained in primary and complex hip and knee arthroplasty.

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Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist

Dr Tan is an orthopaedic doctor with subspecialty training in hip and knee surgery – making her the first female hip and knee replacement surgeon in Singapore.

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